About Us


Thanks for stopping by! We are Hawaiian Tropical Paradise and  have been sharing the love of dance and entertainment for over 25 years.  Hawaiian Tropical Paradise was originally founded by Enjole, a wonderful Hula, Tahitian and Belly dancer.  She had a passionate love of dance and performance which she passed along to all her dancers.  Upon her retirement in 2010, the company was taken over by one of  her dancers…me.  My name is Vanessa and I have been with the company since 1990 and have been dancing professionally  for 16 years.

Collectively, we are a group of dancers who are dedicated to the beauty, grace, feeling, challenge and fun of dance and entertainment.  We love being part of a special day in the lives of our clients, being able to share the dance with others, connecting with our audience and putting smiles on their faces.  Each of us brings a unique individuality to the dance, melding seamlessly together sharing the aloha spirit.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions and check out our gallery.